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100 Reasons To Write Thank You Notes

Recently, I posted 100 reasons to send snail mail. Reason #31 was to say thank you to someone, and I wanted to elaborate on that. Saying thank you is really important, which is why I advocate for keeping a Happy Journal! Documenting your gratitude for your life is a cathartic exercise with attracts more positivity. […]

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50 (More) Things To Tell Your Penpal

You asked for it, and here it is! After an overwhelmingly popular post, 50 Things To Tell Your Penpal, I’ve doubled your prompts to give you 50 more! That’s 100 total! I’m really glad that it’s been so well received, and I hope that it’s sparked inspiration for many introductory letters. This list is a bit more in […]

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50 Things To Tell Your Penpal

I’m obviously a huge fan of snail mail. I think it’s a fantastic way to interact and connect with other people. I’ve found that I’m much more likely to relate with someone I meet through the mail than someone I meet in person, just because the internet has tailored our ability to find like-minded people. […]

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