Channeling Dandelions For Beltane

I’ve been wanting to go to an event with the Baltimore Reclaiming group for a long time now, and it’s just never happened. I decided no matter what, I was going this past Saturday to celebrate Beltane, though. I’m so glad I went. It was truly magical and I left there vibing higher than I have […]

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Miss Cleo Tarot Card Deck Giveaway

Remember Miss Cleo? What a nostalgic 90’s throwback. Well, I came into a bunch of these old school Miss Cleo Tarot card deck packs with not only the deck, but a booklet and a VHS tape! Super ridiculous and amazing… and I’m giving away five of them! The ways to enter the giveaway are all […]

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50 Ways To Use Crystals

Over the last few years, I’ve become completely obsessed with crystals and gemstones. I want to own every crystal ever, in raw and tumbled form; I want to cover my house in geodes! As with anything, the more you dive into it, the more you learn about it. I wanted to make a post about […]

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Weekly Happiness

Hey! I feel like I’m back up for air now that the Scarf Abandonment Project has finally finished for this year. Don’t get me wrong, I loved doing it and I’m extremely grateful for the exposure it got and how well it turned out, but it kind of consumed my life for the past two […]

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