Six Carrot Necklace For Easter!

I’m usually not a fan of diamonds. I kind of hate that the jewelry industry decided a century ago that not only rings were required for engagement, but that they had to be diamonds. As a huge fan of color, I’ve always thought that ANY gemstone was far prettier than a diamond, which I find […]

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Life-Size Cut-Out Celebrity Tea Party

A couple years ago, my friend, Ashley, got me a cardboard cut-out of my celebrity crush, Zooey Deschanel. I have a bit of an overfixation with her, to the point where during this event Maura caught me “checking out” the back of her cardboard cut-out silhouette.. which is just tan cardboard. Right now I’m looking […]

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Let’s Explore Fetishes

January 20th is Fetish Day, and I want to use this opportunity to talk about them! Uncustomary is all about loving yourself and embracing (and celebrating!) your inner weird, whatever that may be. That includes celebrating your sexuality, whatever that means for you. My entire life, I’ve always been the “Samantha” of my friend group. […]

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How To Embrace Your Inner Weird

Weird is a strange word. It means something unusual from what we’re familiar with. That means there are an infinite number of kinds of weird. It also means one person’s weird could be another person’s “normal”. I don’t think we need to use weird as a negative term, either. It’s a (subjective) descriptor that indicates […]

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