unusual holidays

Draw A Bird Day

Every year, I look forward to Draw A Bird Day (see more). I ask all my friends to stop what they’re doing and draw a bird and send me a picture of it. Not only do I get to see beautiful drawings, but people are usually really grateful that they stopped for five minutes to […]

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April Fool’s Prank Ideas

April Fool’s Day is an awesome holiday because pranks are so fun. The problem is people think they hate surprises and pranks because some people make sure pranks are at someone else’s expense. I have a feeling the world would get a bit more on board with them if they knew that the surprise was […]

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Happy Lips Appreciation Day!

I love unusual holidays, and this is no exception. It makes you stop and think for a second about something you probably otherwise wouldn’t have that day. Today we’re thinking about lips, for Lips Appreciation Day! What are you grateful about involving your lips? I made a list and kind of branched out to the […]

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Happy Drinking Straw Day!

Happy Drinking Straw Day! I love straws because they’re such a quick, easy, fun way to spruce up any drink or party spread. Sipping your beverage through a fancy straw, whether that has tinsel, an umbrella, or a crazy and colorful design, can suddenly transform the mundane into a celebration. Stock up on some pretty […]

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