unusual holidays

Black Cat Appreciation Day

An unusual holiday I get to personally celebrate now that I have one in my life/house, is Black Cat Appreciation Day! It falls every August 17th, and it’s actually a really important holiday! I’ve seen varying research on whether or not the numbers are reliable, but while it may be argued if black cats are […]

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I Love My Feet Day

It’s no secret I love to celebrate unusual holidays, but if I can mix my favorite things like celebrating specific things and body positivity, I’m EXTRA for it! I Love My Feet Day occurs every August 17th, and I hope you’ll join with my in observing it! Feet are an interesting thing because it seems like […]

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Vinyl Record Day

Every year on August 12th, we’re reminded of the way albums were originally introduced into the world… via vinyl records. As much as people hate on it for it being a “hipster” thing to do, I really think it’s great that we’re continuing to keep vinyl alive. There’s a reason we threw cassettes in the […]

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Underwear Day

On August 5th we get to celebrate the unusual holiday National Underwear Day! Underwear isn’t 100% necessary, but most of us have some common ground with it. Truth be told, if I’m wearing underwear it’s usually because it’s cute or for a purpose like my outfit calls for it or I’m on my period. Otherwise, […]

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