unusual holidays

50 Ways To Improve Your Office

In honor of the unusual holiday on October 4th, Improve Your Office Day, I wanted to come up with a list of ways you can improve your work environment! Lots of these things are physical items, which can obviously cost money. I’m definitely not rolling in dough, but these things aren’t going to break your […]

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One Hit Wonder Day

It’s September 25th which means it’s time for the unusual holiday One Hit Wonder Day! A time to celebrate all those musical artists who unfortunately took the 15 minutes of fame a little too literally. I have a serious love for a lot of 90’s one hit wonders, and you’ll see that shine through on […]

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How To Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day

There are hundreds and hundreds of unusual holidays to celebrate every year, and we tend to look over most of them. Some, however, have sneaked their way into common culture with the aid of the internet. Not many people can tell you when Draw A Bird Day is (or even that it exists), but an significantly […]

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Positive Thinking Day

September 13th is Positive Thinking Day, which is a pretty substantial unusual holiday that I think should get a little more attention! Positive thinking is a skill, not something based in naivety. It’s very easy to see the glass as half empty, it’s very easy to complain about the things that bother us. It’s much […]

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