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10 Self-Love Resolutions

Here are 10 self-love resolutions that anyone can keep! Do any of them speak to you? Click to tweet them and proclaim them for yourself! ❤ This year, I will express my gratitude for what I already have and am lucky enough to experience. [Tweet it!] ❤ This year, I will make time to take care of myself, […]

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Self-Care For Empaths

I want to talk more specifically about self-care for certain groups of people, like we did for people with chronic illness. Self-care is a huge aspect of self-love, but one of the hardest elements to implement, and it not only changes from person to person, but from population to population. I spoke about three specific groups of […]

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Podcast: Self-Care And Chronic Illness

Did you check out yesterday’s blog post on self-care for people with chronic illness? I was sad I didn’t have any resources on this topic already, so I went gungho and now there’s a long-form post as well as a new podcast with two interviewees, Yvonne Marcus and Brittany Krok. It might be my favorite […]

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You Don’t Need To Cover Your Under Eye Circles

When the pictures of the girls covering up their under eye circles and parts in glitter went viral, everyone and their cat posted the pictures on my Facebook wall. This tends to happen with anything related to glitter, mermaids, confetti, balloons, etc. I don’t mind it at all, for the record. I think it’s adorable […]

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