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50 Ways To Calm Down Right Now

Recently, I had someone message me during the day to ask what to do while they were having a panic attack at work. I realized I had resources for reducing stress, relaxing, and plenty of self-care advice, but nothing for an in-the-moment crisis. To be fair, I think the reason for that is because I […]

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Straight Forward Self-Love

My coworker’s daughter is four. Going to the bathroom has become a newly elaborate ordeal that involves taking off all her clothes, clearing the bathroom of sensitive materials (toothbrushes/toys), and requesting her mom stands outside the door before she goes in. Recently, there’s been a new development where before she goes in, she hands her […]

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50 Ways To Brighten A Gloomy Day

Whether it’s because of your mood or the weather, we all have plenty of gloomy days. Gloomy days can be disheartening and make you feel defeated, so it’s good to have a go to list of ideas when you’re likely to be lacking on the inspiration front. An Uncustomary Babe requested this list, and as […]

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Self-Care For People With Depression

I want to talk more specifically about self-care for certain groups of people, like we did for people with chronic illness. Self-care is a huge aspect of self-love, but one of the hardest elements to implement, and it not only changes from person to person, but from population to population. I spoke about three specific groups of […]

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