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World Naked Gardening Day

The first Saturday of every May, one of the more fabulous unusual holidays rolls around: World Naked Gardening Day. It honestly makes you think, why have I been gardening clothed the rest of the year? There are so many ways to garden. You can keep beds of flowers or grow herbs or vegetables in your […]

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You Are More Than Pretty

You’re gorgeous, you know. When I look at you I get entranced by your beauty. Your skin is smooth and you eyes feel like portals. I love how you dress yourself and the way your hair looks in sunlight. The thing is, you’re more than pretty– and you were meant to be more. Your appearance makes […]

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25 Body Positive Affirmations

Thoughts and words have power; maybe more than we want to admit (or even realize we can admit). Saying sentences out loud over and over might seem insane, but it can actually be one of the best steps in our journey of self-love because we’re putting what we want out into the universe. Our future is […]

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Finding Sparkly Linings Isn’t Always Easy

It’s hard to search for sparkly linings in every situation. Sometimes it seems impossible that there would be one. But that’s the skill. If you can find one good thing in a shit situation… if you can even *try* to look for it… you’re already so much further along than most. Friday night, I listened […]

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