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Tough Self-Love: A Podcast

Self-love isn’t all flower petals and face masks. It’s real work. It’s working on stuff we might not want to get into because we’ve pushed it pretty far back there. This episode isn’t for the faint of heart. I’m calling you on your shit. And if you’re ready to get down and dirty and make […]

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50 Ways To Create A Night Time Routine And Get Better Sleep

Lately all anyone is talking about is the importance of Magical Morning Rituals, and they’re right! Rituals are powerful, important things, and starting your day off on a positive foot is super important. But I don’t see enough people talking about a night time routine! What about ending our day on the right note? That […]

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Perspective: A Poem Of Self-Love

I met my friend, Bonnie, through the art scene in Baltimore and she is an amazing, wonderful, joyful human being. I’m so happy to know her and every time I cross paths with her is a pure pleasure. She recently sent me an e-mail with a poem and the following message, “Mary, I’ve always felt […]

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Self-Care Changes With Age

The past few months, I’ve been making a lot of jokes (based in reality) of “I’m not doing that, I’m thirty!” and it’s actually been pretty reflective about what I’ve been saying yes to (for maybe too long) and what I’m allowing myself to say no to. Sometimes it’s rough, I’m not going to lie. […]

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