Photoshoot Day at Red Studios

Today I want to share a glimpse into the new people in my life. When I started dating Joe, I merged into his friend group, and they are seriously wonderful. It was very easy for me to fall in love with these lovelies. Example A why they’re so lovely and wonderful? One of them decided […]

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Atomic Cheesecake Photoshoot

In June, I went to my first professional photoshoot. If you’re from the Baltimore area, you’ve probably heard of Atomic Cheesecake Studios, where all your pin up dreams can come true. I originally wanted to get a burlesque shot for future shows, but I figured while I was there, I might as well get a […]

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Beach Scopes, Our Way

If you’ve ever been to Ocean City (or other beaches) in the summer, you’re probably familiar with Scopes. You know, those super tan guys running around shirtless with a camera, piling hot girls on top of each other for photoshoots that you can later turn into telescope key chains. You weren’t cool at my middle […]

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Tacky Sweater Photoshoot

Every month, I host an event in the community, and this month I asked people to join me in Mount Vernon in a tacky sweater for a photoshoot. Thanks to Jason, Ashley, Munchel, and my dad for meeting me and being such good sports! We had a good time, even though it was really cold […]

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