Just Some Things I’m Thinking

I really want to write. I miss writing. But I feel pressured to make the lists everyone loves, or to write a long-form post that just isn’t in my spirit right now, so I haven’t been writing. I don’t know when I decided that everything I post on my blog had to fit a theme […]

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2017 Accomplishments

It’s so important to make sure we take time to pause and reflect on the things we were lucky enough to experience and get done, even if they weren’t things that were originally on our goal list this year. Maybe things came up that were tough that we had to conquer and we got through […]

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Uncustomary House Reveal!

Guess what? I moved! If you’ve noticed me being kind of vague the past month, a little busier/unavailable, or if something felt weird it’s because I moved! Joe and I had been looking for a place together for months and when we found the perfect house, I decided that I didn’t want to announce it. […]

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Q&A Video

I was long overdue to answer your questions in a Q&A video! Thank you so much for your questions, in this video I’m answering the following: “What’s an average day like for Uncustomary?” “Why is using the word ‘feminist’ important to you? I’m a feminist myself, but I see a lot of people arguing that […]

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