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My Top 5 Lists Of 2017 + Compilation Video

My Top 5 Lists Of 2017 Accomplishments 1. Moved out of my dad’s and in with Joe 2. Kept up the Uncustomary Babes membership group 3. Handled Bipolar disorder for the second year in a row 4. Marching on Washington in the biggest protest in history 5. Getting my first radio interview (on NPR!) Songs […]

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10 Self-Love New Year’s Resolutions

People have a love/hate relationship with New Year’s Resolutions, and I totally get it. I actually do, too. The fact is, we’re more likely to stick to a goal and measurably achieve it if we wake up one morning with a lot of intrinsic gumption and motivation to improve something than we are to make […]

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Weekly Happiness

Happy 2017! I’m so glad to have you here with me starting off the new year with a bang! Did you get a chance to check out my Top 5 Lists and 2016 Compilation Video yet? Those are always really fun for me to put together. If you haven’t seen yet, there’s a giveaway for […]

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10 Self-Love Resolutions

Here are 10 self-love resolutions that anyone can keep! Do any of them speak to you? Click to tweet them and proclaim them for yourself! ❤ This year, I will express my gratitude for what I already have and am lucky enough to experience. [Tweet it!] ❤ This year, I will make time to take care of myself, […]

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