Overlea Artsfest Street Art Installation

It’s always so interesting the way things happen. They say you’re a gajillion times more likely to get a job if you know someone who works there, and they’re right. Word of mouth is so powerful, and sometimes things fall into place in such weird ways! For example, my friend Susan was at her restaurant […]

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Weekly Happiness

Happy 2017! I’m so glad to have you here with me starting off the new year with a bang! Did you get a chance to check out my Top 5 Lists and 2016 Compilation Video yet? Those are always really fun for me to put together. If you haven’t seen yet, there’s a giveaway for […]

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International Mermaid Day

It’s not secret I’m obsessed with mermaids, and my friend Caz is as well. We realized there wasn’t an official mermaid holiday, so we decided to make one ourselves! Let it be known that August 18th from here on out will be known as International Mermaid Day! We welcome you to participate. There are a […]

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$500 Nordstrom Giveaway

Look, we can’t all be as glamorous as Cristen is when she puts on my mermaid fin. If you’re not this fancy naturally, you might enjoy a shopping spree at Nordstrom courtesy of a $500 gift card (or you can just get PayPal cash if you prefer)! Want a chance to win? Enter below. a […]

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