50 Ways To Use Crystals

Over the last few years, I’ve become completely obsessed with crystals and gemstones. I want to own every crystal ever, in raw and tumbled form; I want to cover my house in geodes! As with anything, the more you dive into it, the more you learn about it. I wanted to make a post about […]

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100 Ways To Add Magic To Your Life

I believe that we have the opportunity to make every single day of our lives magic. Some days we make that happen, and some days we don’t, but it’s always our choice. Magic means different things to different people, and the past year or two, I’ve really gotten more interested in things I originally thought […]

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Honk If You Believe In Magic

Continuing on with the┬áHonk If You… series, I’ve got a “Honk If You Believe In Magic” sign to share with you! For this one, I stood at Cross Street Market in Federal Hill. It was a weekend, and there was plenty of foot traffic and cars, but barely any cars honked! To be honest, every […]

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Weekly Happiness

I want to thank everyone who came to my webinar on Saturday. I decided to do it on Thursday and created everything, set it up, advertised it, and did it in 30 hours. I was pretty proud of myself despite the Google Hangout On Air technical difficulties (sorry about the lack of a replay option!). […]

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