25 Ways To Survive Valentine’s Day

As an active celebrator of holidays, unusual moments, and life in general, it seems counter-intuitive that I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. I’ve had a lot of long-term relationships, so it’s never been about being bitter that I was alone, but from the get-go, I decided that the way our society celebrates […]

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50 Ways To Mend A Broken Heart

Getting over a break-up is no joke. And unfortunately the realistic gamble of entering a relationship is that it will, at some point, end. That sounds pessimistic, but I don’t intend it to be. It’s just numbers. Out of all the romantic relationships you and I have been in, almost all (if not 100%) have […]

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Self-Love Prompts: What Qualities Do You Deserve In A Romantic Partner?

Self-Love Prompts is a series I started after creating a list of 50 self-love writing prompts. People like you select a prompt that speaks to them, work on it, and send me their response so I can share it with you guys! We’re continuing on this series with Kati. I’m excited to have her contributing […]

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Two Years

Today marks Joe’s and my two year anniversary. I’m really lucky to have him in my life. Last year I wrote a post on our one year anniversary, sharing how we got started and all the exciting things we were able to fit into those┬ápast 365 days. This past year has been exciting, but in […]

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