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25 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Child

An Uncustomary Babe requested a post of ways to embrace your inner child. I thought about it for a little and wondered how this list would ultimately be different from my suggestions of ways to play. After talking about it a bit, I realized the important distinction is embracing and activating your inner child, while […]

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Why Nihilism Is Inspiring (To Me)

Nihilism isn’t always a word people know how to use. The definition can be tricky, too. Often it gets wrapped up in religion, which is fair, but it doesn’t always need to be. Basically it’s the idea that “life is meaningless” in the sense that there’s nothing beyond this earthly existence, like an afterlife. It […]

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25 Ways To Practice Gratitude

25 Ways To Practice Gratitude 1. Every morning when you wake up, stretch your arms open wide and say, “Thank you universe!” 2. Make a point to write down loved ones birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and celebrate them 3. Practice (and exhibit) patience, even when you’re in a hurry, especially when someone is providing you a […]

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Existentialism/Nihilism Playlist

A while back, I wrote a post about why I actually find the concept of nihilism to be inspiring to me because ultimately if nothing matters then I’m free to do exactly what makes me happy. I recently realized a lot of music I listen to actually circles around this theme of nihilism, existentialism, and […]

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