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10 Ways To Learn To Love Yourself And Be Happy With The World

Self-love, self-acceptance, and learning to embrace ourselves are some of the greatest struggles in life given all the imperfections and limitations that we encounter in life. Learning how to self-love starts with getting to be your best friend and giving your considerations the priority to avoid falling into the enemies’ trap. You shouldn’t take everything […]

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Making A Habit Of Self Love

Caylee and I have been working parallel to one another as we create our first e-courses. Mine (Self Love: The Key To Happiness) is on living a happy life through falling in love with yourself and Caylee’s (Level Up) is on leveling up your life through getting shit done. We are currently in pre-sale mode, […]

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Chronic Illness: Making The Most Of It

I met Phoenix through Joe over a year ago. She’s full of life and way more experience than you’d expect someone so young to have. Since meeting her, I’ve learned a lot from her and been on multiple camping trips with her. She’s invited me into their existing group without judgment. I’ve unfortunately got to […]

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Volunteering: Self Love, Altruism, Or What?

I met Jes through the mail in 2008. We exchanged mail, she introduced me to April, and I’ve flown to Chicago multiple times to hang out with these gals. The second time I went Jes wasn’t there, though, because she was in Togo, Africa with the Peace Corps. She’s going to talk about that experience […]

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