Doughnut Day

It’s not really a secret that the blogosphere is obsessed with doughnuts. Well, pretty much everyone. It’s like when people make jokes that cops love doughnuts I get confused because all I can think is, “Yeah because they’re also people, right?” Well, the first Friday in June is always Doughnut Day — so you get […]

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Hamburger Day

Every year on May 28th, you have the opportunity to celebrate Hamburger Day! Now here’s the question… do you?!  10 Ways To Celebrate Hamburger Day Go to a fancy burger place where you get to build your own burger and create your ideal sandwich from the meat to the cheese to the toppings with no […]

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50 Ways To Eat Pizza

The third Friday of every May is Pizza Party Day! I remember when I was a kid, if we were lucky we’d get to have a pizza and movie night. We’d order a pizza from Pizza Hut and go to Blockbuster where we’d rotate who got to pick the two movies we’d rent for the […]

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Six Carrot Necklace For Easter!

I’m usually not a fan of diamonds. I kind of hate that the jewelry industry decided a century ago that not only rings were required for engagement, but that they had to be diamonds. As a huge fan of color, I’ve always thought that ANY gemstone was far prettier than a diamond, which I find […]

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