Hamburger Day

Every year on May 28th, you have the opportunity to celebrate Hamburger Day! Now here’s the question… do you?!  10 Ways To Celebrate Hamburger Day Go to a fancy burger place where you get to build your own burger and create your ideal sandwich from the meat to the cheese to the toppings with no […]

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

Between cold weather, mental illness, break ups, and just a general lack of inspiration, I haven’t been doing a lot of guerrilla art and I miss it. I haven’t had that many original ideas lately, but I decided that didn’t mean I couldn’t still do something… I could recreate a project! And what better to […]

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Six Carrot Necklace For Easter!

I’m usually not a fan of diamonds. I kind of hate that the jewelry industry decided a century ago that not only rings were required for engagement, but that they had to be diamonds. As a huge fan of color, I’ve always thought that ANY gemstone was far prettier than a diamond, which I find […]

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Weekly Happiness

Happy 2018! The first Happiness post of the new year, yay! How’s your year starting out? My Day 1 was amazing. I decided to start making time for things that make me happy that I’ve been neglecting the past year, like driving around the city, finding roadside attractions, taking pictures, doing street art, making and […]

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