Real Fake Flowers

I’ll be very surprised if we have weather better than yesterday’s. I think it was the epitome of Summer 2013. Charlotte and I went to Baltimore and left things for strangers to find, played on sculptures, ate at a fancy hotel bar, and did a lot of driving. In the midst of this, we found […]

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Flower Posters

On a dreary day, in a not-so-great part of town, it can be uplifting to catch a glimpse of color.   I blew up some photos of flowers I took a few months ago, and created portals to beauty on either side of the bridge on Preston Street.

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Guerrilla Gardening

One of my goals for 2013 was to do some guerrilla gardening. Guerrilla gardening is basically just planting flowers and plants in unexpected places. You can see some awesome examples here and here. I went to the thrift store and bought a few containers that could be easily transported. When I got home, I spray painted […]

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