100 Ways To Be Creative: Incorporate Every Color Of The Rainbow In Your Outfit

#75 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list was to incorporate every color of the rainbow into an outfit.To be fair, I realize this skirt took care of most of it.. but I tried in other areas too! Orange shirt, yellow earrings and tank top, purple leggings (underneath) and highlights, blue flip flops and […]

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100 Ways To Be Creative: Add Food Dye To Your Meal

#86 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list was to add food coloring to a meal. So I decided to add blue and red dye to my ice cream that had become soupy. Then I froze it. Then I ate it.FYI: if your ice cream is actually a brownie sundae, it’s likely that the […]

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Red Makes A Comeback

Last week I got my hair highlighted bright red! Since I got it done I’ve been noticing how prevalent red is in my life. This is important because if you would have asked me five years ago what my least favorite color was, I would have said “red”. Over the years I have learned to love all colors and have realized […]

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