body positivity

You Are More Than Pretty

You’re gorgeous, you know. When I look at you I get entranced by your beauty. Your skin is smooth and you eyes feel like portals. I love how you dress yourself and the way your hair looks in sunlight. The thing is, you’re more than pretty– and you were meant to be more. Your appearance makes […]

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Podcast: BodyPosiPower

I’m so happy to have the wonderful Michelle Rogers of BodyPosiPower on the most recent episode of my podcast! We talk about how to deal with internet trolls or just general negative comments about your physical appearance, and how to take the plunge and make your personal social media account a platform for social change. […]

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Exercising And Eating Are Independent Activities

Let’s remove the sentence structure, “I (insert exercise/movement activity here), so I can eat (insert a food you want here)” from our vocabulary. Hula hooping for so long you break a sweat and eating a donut are independent activities. Moving your body and eating healthy are important aspects of healthcare, but you aren’t in a […]

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Podcast: The ChronicBabe

Did you see there’s a new episode up of my podcast, Uncustomary Love? Check it out! I interview Jenni Grover, creator of ChronicBabe! We talk about struggles with chronic illness, solutions for questions people are constantly asked, whether or not we should use the term “sufferer”, how to deal with statements like, “…but you don’t […]

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