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25 Quotes About Body Positivity

I write about self-love a lot, and most of the time I lump body positivity in with self-love as a subtopic. The reality is it’s a big enough topic to have it’s own section on my site — and definitely in our lives — so I want to start dedicating a little more attention to […]

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Your Body, Your Rules

We’re constantly being told what is attractive and what isn’t. Billions of dollars are made every year, just from us buying products that are marketed to prey on our insecurities. I want to remind you that you are always allowed to buy any product you want and engage in any activities you want. Just make […]

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Every Body Is Beautiful

When I was in elementary school, I got picked on for being chubby. I went to a private middle school and I thought I’d start on a clean slate, but the teasing continued. It seemed very clear that if you weren’t thin you couldn’t be popular, and at that age that’s really all I cared […]

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No Diet Day – Body Acceptance

  No Diet Day is May 6th, and I’m a thousand percent on board. Choo choo! Here’s the deal, everywhere we look we see advertisements for things related to losing weight or changing our body shape. I feel like 10% of people on Instagram are selling those body wraps (props to whoever is running that […]

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