body positivity

NSFW Coloring Book Doppelganger

A few months ago, a couple people asked me if I posed for a coloring book that was for sale at our local sex shop, Sugar. I had no idea what they were talking about, so I went and checked it out and sure enough, holy crap it looks like me. The coloring book is […]

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I Love My Feet Day

It’s no secret I love to celebrate unusual holidays, but if I can mix my favorite things like celebrating specific things and body positivity, I’m EXTRA for it! I Love My Feet Day occurs every August 17th, and I hope you’ll join with my in observing it! Feet are an interesting thing because it seems like […]

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Underwear Day

On August 5th we get to celebrate the unusual holiday National Underwear Day! Underwear isn’t 100% necessary, but most of us have some common ground with it. Truth be told, if I’m wearing underwear it’s usually because it’s cute or for a purpose like my outfit calls for it or I’m on my period. Otherwise, […]

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You Are More Than Pretty

You’re gorgeous, you know. When I look at you I get entranced by your beauty. Your skin is smooth and you eyes feel like portals. I love how you dress yourself and the way your hair looks in sunlight. The thing is, you’re more than pretty– and you were meant to be more. Your appearance makes […]

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