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Body Positivity + Halloween Costumes

I see too many people scared to wear costumes because they don’t love their bodies and are worried what they’ll look like. Some people criticize others for using this holiday as a time to “dress slutty”, and I think we should probably start realizing that’s slut shaming. Let a person dress how they want to […]

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Shave Because You Want To, Not Because You Have To

Empowerment is different things to different people. Sometimes someone not shaving their armpits is a conscious act of protesting the patriarchy. Sometimes it’s laziness. Sometimes it’s just a personal preference. Know there is nothing wrong with shaving any part of your body because it is your body. But only do that thing (or any thing) […]

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Go Topless Day

[This post is NSFW] As with unusual holidays like I Love My Feet Day, I’m extra excited to celebrate non-traditional occasions when they overlap with self-love and body positivity! Go Topless Day comes around once a year on the weekend closest to Women’s Equality Day. (I was confused because my unusual holidays resource said it […]

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I Love My Feet Day

It’s no secret I love to celebrate unusual holidays, but if I can mix my favorite things like celebrating specific things and body positivity, I’m EXTRA for it! I Love My Feet Day occurs every August 17th, and I hope you’ll join with my in observing it! Feet are an interesting thing because it seems like […]

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