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Fat Flesh Doesn’t Equal Nudity

Recently, I was asking for Instagram tips and someone said something which has been mentioned to me many times before, which is that they don’t like how much “nudity” I post on social media. I’ve been thinking about it, and here’s my response: I don’t post nude photos, I post photos of fat flesh; my […]

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Body Positivity Isn’t Just For Curvy White Women

Remember those Dove ads? They were a great start for body positivity. It showed women who weren’t Victoria’s Secret models standing, happily, in their underwear and posing for the camera. It was awesome, but as with any societal issue — it was just the beginning. We always have a ways to go. But it’s up […]

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Podcast: Body Positivity Isn’t Promoting Obesity

Did you see I posted a new podcast? It’s tackling the concept of whether or not being body positive as a fat person means that you are simultaneously promoting obesity. My short answer? No. Listen to the podcast for my long answer! Listen Now! You can leave comments over there or let me know what […]

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25 Quotes About Body Positivity

I write about self-love a lot, and most of the time I lump body positivity in with self-love as a subtopic. The reality is it’s a big enough topic to have it’s own section on my site — and definitely in our lives — so I want to start dedicating a little more attention to […]

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