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50 Ways To Make A Mess

I believe creativity is a huge part of the process, journey, and concept of self-love. In fact, it’s one of my 10 Commandments of Self-Love and my blog’s tag line is “Where Self-Love Meets Creativity”! Creativity is something that saved me when I needed help, and I truly believe we are all creative and it […]

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25 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Child

An Uncustomary Babe requested a post of ways to embrace your inner child. I thought about it for a little and wondered how this list would ultimately be different from my suggestions of ways to play. After talking about it a bit, I realized the important distinction is embracing and activating your inner child, while […]

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Fuck Small Talk: 50 Things To Talk About Instead Of The Weather

When Joe and I first started texting, he said, “Ah, I’m not good at this small talk stuff”. So I said, “Okay, fuck small talk. Let’s big talk instead”. He asked, “What’s big talk?” and I answered with a list of things about me that are real, true, interesting, raw, and not things you would […]

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50 Everyday Adventures + Adventure Tips

Adventure is a very unique, individualized thing. It basically means something we do that’s out of our normal routine, but is actually exciting! That doesn’t mean it necessarily gets your adrenaline pumping every time or that it’s a risky behavior. Everyone’s adventures are completely different experiences! An Uncustomary Babe asked me to write a list […]

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