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50 Ways To Practice Abundance

The past few months, I’ve been studying and practicing the art of abundance and prosperity work. I’ve pulled from a ton of sources and sunk my head in deep, and it’s been really eye-opening and rewarding. It’s scary stuff, to be honest. It involves a lot of trust, as well as a lot of work. […]

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50 Ways To Improve Your Office

In honor of the unusual holiday on October 4th, Improve Your Office Day, I wanted to come up with a list of ways you can improve your work environment! Lots of these things are physical items, which can obviously cost money. I’m definitely not rolling in dough, but these things aren’t going to break your […]

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50 Ways To Be Weird

One of my favorite parts of self-love is not only embracing, but celebrating our inner weird… and also celebrating the weird in others! The weird in me is different than the weird in you. The normal in my group of friends might be weird to yours, and vice versa. Everything is relative with weirdness, but it’s […]

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50 Ways To Live In The Moment

Ever feel like you’re just running through life on autopilot? You’re not alone. It’s hard to live in the moment, especially when there’s more and more distractions at our fingertips. We have to make a conscious effort to live in the moment; in fact, that’s what mindfulness is. Per the request of an Uncustomary Babe, I’ve […]

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