Eyebombing: Googly Eye Guerrilla Art

In guerrilla art language, there’s a lot of “bombs”. We yarnbomb, seedbomb, and eyebomb. Eyebombing is just the act of adding googly eyes to inanimate objects. It’s very cheap to get the supplies, easy to carry out, and produces fun and silly results! Eyebombing Supplies Googly eyes – You can purchase these at your local craft […]

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Impromptu Muffin Eating Contest On The Street

I got a call from Charlotte, who was slightly in distress. C: “Mary! I have three hundred muffins and I don’t know what to do with them!” M: “I could have a muffin eating contest on the street.” C: “See? That’s why I called you.” Her boyfriend’s work had received a bunch of boxes of […]

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10 Things Making Me Happy

Part of being an empath means that when there is a large amount of suffering around me, I can end up experiencing physical pain. I’ve been sick for a bit now after all the horrible stuff has gone down in Baltimore (I’ve even developed a stye from all this crying!), but it’s times like this that […]

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Guerrilla Gardening In Baltimore For Earth Day

This month, my community event coincided with Earth Day. Last year, I hung out alone in the park playing with ribbon wands, kites, and bubbles, but this year I got a bunch of people together to do some guerrilla gardening. Guerrilla gardening is simply doing gardening in a space where you don’t technically have the legal […]

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