Answer Your Cat’s Questions

January 22nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, and to celebrate, and I put up a photo of Bug and some questions that he would desperately like some answers to. Things like, “Why can’t I catch the red dot?”, “What is clear?”, “Why don’t you like dead mice?”, and “Wanna buy some cat nip?” Here are some more questions […]

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Happy Popcorn Day!

Happy Popcorn Day! It’s every year on January 19th, so I wanted to celebrate with you today! Did you know that popcorn is super old? Cortes was chowing down with the Aztecs in the 1500’s, but we didn’t start microwaving it until the early 80’s. Today we’re just celebrating popcorn as a whole, though. But […]

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Eyebombing: Googly Eye Guerrilla Art

In guerrilla art language, there’s a lot of “bombs”. We yarnbomb, seedbomb, and eyebomb. Eyebombing is just the act of adding googly eyes to inanimate objects. It’s very cheap to get the supplies, easy to carry out, and produces fun and silly results! Eyebombing Supplies Googly eyes – You can purchase these at your local craft […]

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Impromptu Muffin Eating Contest On The Street

I got a call from Charlotte, who was slightly in distress. C: “Mary! I have three hundred muffins and I don’t know what to do with them!” M: “I could have a muffin eating contest on the street.” C: “See? That’s why I called you.” Her boyfriend’s work had received a bunch of boxes of […]

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