Interview: Maura Housley Photography

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Maura Housley, and I can’t rave enough about her. She’s a quirky photographer in the Baltimore area that likes to focus on expressive portraits highlighting the unique energy of all types of individuals. I had the chance to ask her a couple questions, and I’d like to share her answers with you.

Maura Housley Photography | Uncustomary Art
Model: Megan Stanton

Q: How long have you been into photography?

A: My dad gave me my first camera in high school, and I started playing with it with my friends. I went to school for it because I was so interested in photography as an art.

Maura Housley Photography | Uncustomary Art
Model: Sera Ferron

Q: Why are you drawn to photography?

A: You can literally manipulate anything to say what you would like it to. I can photograph the same thing as someone else and get a completely different photo, and to me it feels more authentic than other mediums like painting. Taking a photograph of something is real no matter how I manipulate it. I love being able to give someone a photo of themselves that really shows what I think of them, or what they think of themselves as a person. We so often compare ourselves to other people in photographs and we forget to look at ourselves as who we actually are, and appreciate our true beauty.

Maura Housley Photography | Uncustomary Art
Model: Lee Loo La

Q: What’s your dream with photography?

A: I would love to open up a studio to do my own type of boudoir portraits. I want to make women feel empowered, confident, and comfortable with themselves. I want to photograph your sexiest photos, be it in a pair of jeans or lingerie.

Maura Housley Photography | Uncustomary Art
Model: Echo Manika

Can we agree that Maura is awesome? Empowering women with photography? Hell yeah! When I worked with her, she brainstormed photoshoots that would accurately express my personality, and we ended up coming up with sets that involved a lot of color, mess, and fun. She is good with directing you if you’re feeling uncomfortable, and is able to incorporate both your and her ideas into the shoot.

Maura Housley Photography | Uncustomary Art
Model: Misslolol

Maura recently moved to the Baltimore area, and she is looking forward to building her relationship with the public here. She specializes in expressive portraits and out of the ordinary/alternative things, but she can also do family portraits and weddings! Basically, this girl can shoot anything from traditional to Beetlejuice. If you’re interested in working with her, please contact her on Facebook or via e-mail at