How To Make Sure Your Dog Is A Happy Dog

How To Make Sure Your Dog Is A Happy Dog | Uncustomary

Having a pet dog is a great way to boost your spirits and provide you with companionship. Dogs make you happy so shouldn’t you take time to ensure that your furry friend is happy, as well? If you have a pet dog, there are some simple things to do to make sure that you’re taking care of his spirit, as well as his mind. Here are some of the best.

Learn the Physical Signs of Happiness

You can usually tell whether a dog is happy based on the way he is carrying his body. Some of the most common signs of a happy dog include relaxed ears, a relaxed mouth, a relaxed body, soft puppy-dog eyes, a good appetite and more. If you sense that your dog seems physically unhappy or unwell, you may work to perk up his mood or you may want to take him to the vet to ensure there isn’t an illness making him feel unwell. You may also look for physical symptoms of discomfort that could be caused by an illness or ailment — like itching or excessive licking. A vet can give your pet treatments, like Apoquel (for skin itching), to get rid of pesky symptoms and ensure he’s living a comfortable, happy life.

Give Him Tasks to Do

Dogs were bred to do jobs. While your dog may seem happy lazing about on the couch all day, he’ll ACTUALLY be happiest if he has some work to do. Teach your dog to fetch his leash or your keys, or have your dog carry something for you while you’re out on a walk. By giving your dog a task to focus on, you’ll increase his sense of purpose and feelings of loyalty.

Say Nice Things

Just like you like to be complimented so does your pooch! Take the time to say nice things in a nice tone to your pup. You may praise his good behavior or tell him how handsome he looks. When dogs see you happy and hear you expressing happy tones, it makes them feel pleased. This many also reinforce good behavior so it’s a win-win for you, too!

Let Him Hang Out of the Window

Don’t do this in the car (because it can be dangerous), but at home, crack open a window that your dog can safely stick his head out of. Dogs love feeling the fresh air, and they also love to take in what’s going on in the world around them. Make sure you choose a window that’s safe (not one that he will jump out of or risk getting hit by something) and make sure that your dog is properly trained not to run away before you open the window up.

Introduce New Toys

Dogs get tired of playing with the same old toys day after day. So, make sure to introduce some new toys into the routine from time to time. Try switching up the type of toy. For example, if your dog’s been playing with a rope toy, consider introducing something chewy that he can wrestle with and chew on. By introducing new toys, you keep your dog learning and add new stimulation into his environment.

Keep Him At A Healthy Weight

Most dogs love to eat but a healthy dog is one that’s at a healthy weight. Take your dog to the vet and learn about a healthy weight range for your dog. Then make sure you walk, exercise, play with and feed your dog properly so he stays at (or gets to) the right weight.

Having a happy dog often means that you’ll have a happier family. By actively doing things to promote your dog’s well-being, you can sure that you’ll both be able to enjoy each other’s company for many years to come.


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