Halloween TV Episodes

At this point, I think most of us know what our favorite Halloween movies are (if you’re looking for ideas, though, check out this post). But there are a ton of awesome Halloween-themed TV episodes we can also celebrate this season with, and if you can’t remember where they are, it can be really frustrating. So I wanted to make a list of some of my favorite shows, and what episodes have Halloween themes in there! To be fair, some of them aren’t all Halloween-y. Like, there’s one episode of The Office that has just a cold opening with Halloween, and the rest of the episode is “normal”, but you get the idea.

I know we all have different taste in television, so feel free to share your favorite Halloween episodes of TV shows I’ve missed in the comments! Otherwise, check out the list below and you can find them by Season (S) and Episode (E). Lots of these are available on Netflix and Hulu. But remember that there are other ways to watch TV! Am I the only one with Boy Meets World DVD’s on their shelf? Just me? Okay, hahah.

And feel free to download and share this image with some of my favorite episodes designed by Joe Dissolvo.

Halloween TV Episodes | Uncustomary

It’s Always Sunny S06E07

30 Rock S04E03

Parks & Rec S02E07 S04E05 S05E05

The Office S02E05 S05E06 S08E05 S07E06 S09E05

Halloween TV Episodes | Uncustomary

Don’t Trust The B In Apt 23 S02E02

Brooklyn 99 S01E06 S02E04 S03E06 S04E05

Friends S08E06

You’re The Worst S02E08

Halloween TV Episodes | Uncustomary

Home Improvement S03E06

The Mick S02E04

New Girl S02E06 S03E06

The League S02E07

Bob’s Burgers S03E02 S04E02 S05E02 S06E03 S07E03 S08E03 S09E04

Halloween TV Episodes | Uncustomary

Modern Family S02E06

Bojack Horseman S05E08

The Mindy Project S01E04

Boy Meets World S05E17

Halloween TV Episodes | Uncustomary

Happy Halloween watching! What’s your favorite Halloween TV episode? Share below!