1:1 Coaching Giveaway For COVID-19

1:1 Coaching Giveaway For COVID-19 | Uncustomary

I know we are all looking for more resources and help right now in heightened times of anxiety and uncertainty. I want to be of service and show up for you as much as I can. This is why I am providing a free giveaway for THREE different people to win a free 45 minute virtual 1:1 coaching session with me (valued at $80!)

It can be about whatever you need to talk about. Anxiety. Corona virus. Body positivity. Guilt. Work structure. How to stop procrastinating. What’s on your mind?? I want to help you and provide you free resources!

You can enter this giveaway in many different ways, and each entry adds up (meaning your name gets counted more than once).

Ways to enter this giveaway:

  • Write a review/testimonial on my Facebook page
  • Write a review for my book on Amazon
  • Write a review for my planner on Amazon
  • Write a review for any of my other products that you’ve purchased (each counts as a separate entry), including Uncustomary Babes Membership group (basic and awesome level are different), my Pep Talk, my workbook, en e-course, my YouTube, 1:1 coaching, tarot/moon readings, an event you’ve attended, my blog, my business in general… (they all count as different entries!)

Every entry needs to be emailed to me at mary@uncustomary.org with the subject “CV Coaching Giveaway” (not commented below). You can submit more than one entry in an email. You can write a bunch of reviews for different products in one email. If you leave a review on Amazon or Facebook, just send me the link when it’s live.

I greatly value your past reviews and testimonials, but only new testimonials will be used towards this giveaway.

This giveaway will end on March 24th at 7 pm EDT. I will select three winners at random and we will schedule times that work for them ASAP.

Let me know if you have any questions. I can’t wait to work with you!