The Benefits Of Being A Lifelong Scholar

Renowned educational author Anthony J. D’Angelo was once quoted as saying: “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”.  While it is commonplace to associate learning with your prescribed scholastic or tertiary education, lifelong learning can present itself in many forms and be motivated by numerous things. From a […]

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How Your Food And Emotions Are Closely Related To Each Other

Ever observed how your food intake is often directed by your mood? Whenever you’re feeling a certain way, you opt for food items that you might normally stay away from. Chocolate becomes the obvious choice when you’re feeling a little low or lonely. Or perhaps it is oily chips in your case. It’s not only […]

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Art On The Verge Of Vandalism: What In Fact Is Street Art?

Every day, we see art. When a backstreet painting suddenly appears on the walls of someone’s house or store, one thing is always clear. Art is a form of expression, and anything that reeks of political undertones or touches on our social world grabs the attention of even that person who doesn’t know how to […]

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The Power Of A Positive Attitude

It’s part of life to get frustrated, angry, fail, breakup, and face many other negative things that may break your hopes. As a result, such elements may negatively impact how much our emotions can hold. However, it’s important to note that how you approach such life situations is what actually matters. Having a positive attitude […]

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