15 Ways To Bounce Your Back Even If Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong

Sometimes even the luckiest of us have those days, week or months when everything seems to be going wrong when one problem is replaced by the other. At times like this, it seems that we can never solve all these problems, that`s why a lot of us stop living and start existing. Of course, such […]

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Differentiating Between Attachment and Real Love

I have just recently been informed by a dear friend that his dog has been diagnosed with an illness that will make his death imminent.  He, my friend, says that after being with him for the last 15 years and always by his side, his buddy is now leaving.  He is devastated and heart broken. […]

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Should You Marry Yourself?

A growing number of women are realizing that they are happy enough with the way their life is and they are ready to marry themselves. Some of these women invite family and friends to the event and even look for assistance from ‘design your own engagement ring from scratch online’ websites so they can create […]

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10 Ways To Learn To Love Yourself And Be Happy With The World

Self-love, self-acceptance, and learning to embrace ourselves are some of the greatest struggles in life given all the imperfections and limitations that we encounter in life. Learning how to self-love starts with getting to be your best friend and giving your considerations the priority to avoid falling into the enemies’ trap. You shouldn’t take everything […]

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