5 Reasons Why Cooking More Should Be In Your 2018 Resolutions

The start of a new year is always exciting. You have a fresh – or not-so-fresh – set of resolutions you want to work on and you’re eager to get started. I’m going to try doing more new things and pick up new skills in 2018. Cooking more is at the top of that list […]

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4 Small Ways To Take Care Of Yourself

Life can become overwhelming at times. There are so many demands on our days that time can seem to be rushing right by us, with no time to breathe. With so much to do, it can seem impossible to take even a small amount of time for self-care, but those are the days that it […]

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NPR Interview For Scarf Abandonment Project

Something you probably don’t know is that I didn’t start out as a psychology major. I went to college with the idea that I was going to be a radio DJ. Everyone in high school told me I should be a talk show host, but there wasn’t a major for that, so I decided to […]

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Resolutions You Should Create To Make Your Essay Writing Better

Nothing can beat the feeling of completely acing your essay, but this is only possible if you take the time out to perfect and work on your essay (unless you’re one of those gifted people that can do zero revision and still get 100%). Now that we have been graced with a brand new year, […]

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