Street Art

Baltimore Scarf Abandonment

A Facebook friend posted an article on my wall of someone who organized a scarf abandonment project on the west coast and suggested I organize one in Baltimore. You don’t have to tell me twice! I immediately put up a Facebook event page and called for scarves from all over the country. I was so […]

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Honk If You Love Color

Two years ago, I made a sign that said “Honk If You’re Happy” and held it up on the side of the road in Baltimore. I got lots of honks, and it was really exciting. I decided to get a little bit more specific the next time I did it and write, “Honk If You […]

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50 Places To Leave Guerrilla Art/Random Acts Of Kindness

After my post today about street art buttons/portals, I received a request for places you can leave guerrilla art and random acts of kindness AKA art abandonment. When you’re getting into guerrilla art, it can be kind of intimidating and you might be worried about what’s acceptable, legal, and so on. Here are some of […]

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Street Art Portal Buttons

Once on Pinterest, I saw someone change out the sign that said, “Press Button To Walk” at the intersection to something like “Restart Universe”. I loved that idea, and I wanted to do it in a bunch of ways — not just in places where buttons usually exist. I put signs on top of existing signs […]

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