Snail Mail

Sunday Accomplishments

So five days ago I made a list of things I wanted to have accomplished by today and I did a good number of them. 🙂 + I did actually finish my tree sweater but it’s not good enough to photograph. I messed up on a few areas of the project but I figured that […]

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Tuesday Goals

It’s Tuesday. These are things that I want to happen by Sunday: + get more than halfway done on my tree sweater knitting project + scout out a place in Baltimore for me to install said tree sweater + mail back my Amazon package return as well as a package to a pen-pal in Virginia […]

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365 Complete!

So I did it! Wednesday I made my last piece of mail-art for the project on my 365th day. 🙂 I’m very proud of myself and love that I followed through with something this cool. Here are some of my pieces up till the end: #335 #337 #341 #347 #348 #352 #359 #362 #364 #365

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