50 Ways To Create A Night Time Routine And Get Better Sleep

Lately all anyone is talking about is the importance of Magical Morning Rituals, and they’re right! Rituals are powerful, important things, and starting your day off on a positive foot is super important. But I don’t see enough people talking about a night time routine! What about ending our day on the right note? That […]

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50 Ways To Make A Mess

I believe creativity is a huge part of the process, journey, and concept of self-love. In fact, it’s one of my 10 Commandments of Self-Love and my blog’s tag line is “Where Self-Love Meets Creativity”! Creativity is something that saved me when I needed help, and I truly believe we are all creative and it […]

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25 Ways To Celebrate Virgo Season

I’ve kind of been saving most of my magic/witchy/moon/astrology stuff for the Uncustomary Babes group and my Instagram posts, but I figure there’s no reason I can’t share it here, too! If you’re already interested, extra resources! If you’re curious, take a peek! If you hate it, skip it! Super simple. Even if you’re shy […]

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25 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Child

An Uncustomary Babe requested a post of ways to embrace your inner child. I thought about it for a little and wondered how this list would ultimately be different from my suggestions of ways to play. After talking about it a bit, I realized the important distinction is embracing and activating your inner child, while […]

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