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5 Ways To Live Eccentrically

Sometimes we describe people as “eccentric” when we don’t know what else to say. Even if you’re calling me “eccentric” to mask the fact that you think I’m crazy, I take it as a compliment. I would much rather be thought of as strange or indescribable than something mundane or forgettable. I’m here to not […]

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DIY Mixed Media Art for the Non-Collage Artist

 My first guest post! From Michelle from The Reshaping Of Everyday Life and Busy Weekends.

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How To Dye Easter Eggs Using Silk

My friend, Jill, sent me this link last week of a tutorial on how to dye eggs using silk ties! This tutorial is originally based on a Martha Stewart how-to. It’s basically using ties to imprint a pattern onto the egg shell. So cool, right? I bought some silk ties and scarves at the thrift […]

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