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How To Publish A Book

Ever since I published my book this spring, I’ve gotten a remarkable amount of e-mails and DM’s casually asking me how to publish a book. I’ve done my best to respond back that it’s a long process and if they have any specific questions I’m happy to answer them, but it’s a really tough/long question […]

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10 Uncustomary Dates

It’s February, and lots of us are thinking about love. I celebrate Valentine’s Day by honoring all types of love (friends, family, pets, hobbies, self), but today I’m going to give you some date ideas! There are only so many “classic” dates that exist, and to be honest, they get old quick! Dinner, movie, drinks… […]

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How To Run A Successful Kickstarter Campaign

This summer something clicked in my brain. I realized I wasn’t doing nearly as much for my business as I wanted and needed to. I could say I had a business all day long, but that didn’t mean I was flourishing or even trying my best. When I first quit my day job I said […]

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10 Ways To Keep A Happy Journal

The act of keeping a happy journal (or a gratitude journal) is a very small and simple act that can be so immensely helpful for achieving higher levels of happiness in your life. It seems hokey and new-age-y to some, but if you can get past the potential stigma attached to this activity, you will […]

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