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Faerie Gardening 101

Faerie Gardening 101 This year, I’ve been noticing faeries popping up in my life over and over again, especially when I’m not looking for them or paying attention. So I took that as a sign. I decided I was going to make a faerie garden and welcome them into my life in a more purposeful, […]

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Fuck Small Talk: 50 Things To Talk About Instead Of The Weather

When Joe and I first started texting, he said, “Ah, I’m not good at this small talk stuff”. So I said, “Okay, fuck small talk. Let’s big talk instead”. He asked, “What’s big talk?” and I answered with a list of things about me that are real, true, interesting, raw, and not things you would […]

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50 Ways To Make A Bath Special

1. Go old school with super soapy bubble bath and lather up 2. Get some colors and scents going with an amazing bath bomb from Lush, or my personal favorite, Witch Baby 3. Bring in a great book to get lost in while your fingers get all pringly 4. Get some floating LED lights to […]

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How To Date Uncustomary

[Edit March 2018] I wrote this list in September 2014, and I wanted to check it out and see now that I’ve grown so much how different the “criteria” for dating me is. Turns out… like, not at all.  In terms of what’s important to me, it’s still the basics. It’s kind of cool to […]

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