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How To Date Uncustomary

[Edit March 2018] I wrote this list in September 2014, and I wanted to check it out and see now that I’ve grown so much how different the “criteria” for dating me is. Turns out… like, not at all.  In terms of what’s important to me, it’s still the basics. It’s kind of cool to […]

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50 Ways To Use Crystals

Over the last few years, I’ve become completely obsessed with crystals and gemstones. I want to own every crystal ever, in raw and tumbled form; I want to cover my house in geodes! As with anything, the more you dive into it, the more you learn about it. I wanted to make a post about […]

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50 Ways To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

To be totally honest with you, I kind of hate when people say that life only happens when you leave your comfort zone. They have a square and a circle mounted on their wall, and the circle is labeled as your “comfort zone” and the square is “where life happens”. Ultimately, that’s not true. I think […]

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50 Ways To Be More Productive

Ever since Mariëlle and I hosted our webinar turned masterclass on Creating Happy Habits for Self-Care and Creativity, I’ve been thinking a lot about productivity. I also got a new agenda from and am really loving staying organized right now, plus an Uncustomary Babe requested a list of 50 ways to be more productive so […]

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