Monochrome Party Supplies

I’m obviously a huge fan of color, but sometimes it can be fun to focus in on just one color and create a unique monochrome scene. For the past (almost year!) I’ve collected party supplies every month in a the same color to do a photoshoot with. After eight months, the project is done, and […]

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50 Ways To Improve Your Office

In honor of the unusual holiday on October 4th, Improve Your Office Day, I wanted to come up with a list of ways you can improve your work environment! Lots of these things are physical items, which can obviously cost money. I’m definitely not rolling in dough, but these things aren’t going to break your […]

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50 Ways To Use School Supplies (Not For School)

As we approach the Back To School Season, I thought it would be appropriate to fulfill an Uncustomary Babe’s request for a list of 50 Ways To Use School Supplies… but not for school! It was a fun challenge, and I tried to include lots of DIY projects since these are all materials you can […]

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National Coloring Book Day

In the past couple years, coloring has made a serious comeback! I mean, to be fair, some of us never really stopped coloring… but stores, hashtags, and everyone we know (it seems like) has a coloring book on hand these days! I’m not mad at it at all, honestly. I think it’s great that it’s become […]

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