March On!

Happy March, everyone! How was your Leap Day? It was monsooning here so and I didn’t really get to do anything fun outside like I wanted to. I went all-out color wise, though. I also got an awesome package duo from Karen in Minnesota. She sends me all sorts of wonderful things. check out that […]

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Celebrate Kindness

I’ve always loved the concept of Random Acts of Kindness. It’s partially why I love mail so much and blog’s like Secret Agent L. I love when people restore my faith in our universe by holding doors open for people and donating to charities. There’s really so many things you can do as an act of […]

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Celebration [of love]

So Valentine’s Day is coming up and as I mentioned in my previous post I think it’s important to celebrate all types of love. One of the people who I have loved the most in my life is my grandma, Nannie. Today marks 6 months since she’s been gone and I miss her greatly. I didn’t […]

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