Body Positivity

Self Love: My Swimsuit Style

Hello beautiful, welcome to the #MySwimsuitStyle challenge hosted by María José Ovalle of Very Busy Mamá and co-hosted by the fabulous Katie Reed of A Mother Thing, Reesa Lewandowski of Momma Lew, Vicky Mason of The Mummy Chronicles and Andrea Summers of Momma in Flip Flops. We are trying to promote and encourage self love not loathing this summer, and really all year round. […]

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Why It’s Okay For Me To Say “Fat”

I’m having a regular conversation with a friend, and I say something about how it would be easier to find tops to wear if I wasn’t fat. They give me a sad puppy dog face and say, “Aw, Mary! You’re not fat!”, and the disappointment begins. This isn’t a one-time scenario I’m describing. It happens […]

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What Would You Change About Your Body?

As we grow older, we learn things. We experience everything from orgasms to intoxication to the death of a loved one. Some of these experiences are more general and long-lasting, like the impact society has on us. Maybe you don’t think about that, or maybe you feel like you’re immune to the media, advertisements, and opinions […]

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