Body Positivity

Podcast: The ChronicBabe

Did you see there’s a new episode up of my podcast, Uncustomary Love? Check it out! I interview Jenni Grover, creator of ChronicBabe! We talk about struggles with chronic illness, solutions for questions people are constantly asked, whether or not we should use the term “sufferer”, how to deal with statements like, “…but you don’t […]

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A Pear Is A Fruit, Not A Body Type


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Body Positivity + Halloween Costumes

I see too many people scared to wear costumes because they don’t love their bodies and are worried what they’ll look like. Some people criticize others for using this holiday as a time to “dress slutty”, and I think we should probably start realizing that’s slut shaming. Let a person dress how they want to […]

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Shave Because You Want To, Not Because You Have To

Empowerment is different things to different people. Sometimes someone not shaving their armpits is a conscious act of protesting the patriarchy. Sometimes it’s laziness. Sometimes it’s just a personal preference. Know there is nothing wrong with shaving any part of your body because it is your body. But only do that thing (or any thing) […]

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