Body Positivity

25 Body Positive Affirmations

Thoughts and words have power; maybe more than we want to admit (or even realize we can admit). Saying sentences out loud over and over might seem insane, but it can actually be one of the best steps in our journey of self-love because we’re putting what we want out into the universe. Our future is […]

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Body Positivity Isn’t Just For Curvy White Women

Remember those Dove ads? They were a great start for body positivity. It showed women who weren’t Victoria’s Secret models standing, happily, in their underwear and posing for the camera. It was awesome, but as with any societal issue — it was just the beginning. We always have a ways to go. But it’s up […]

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Podcast: Body Positivity Isn’t Promoting Obesity

Did you see I posted a new podcast? It’s tackling the concept of whether or not being body positive as a fat person means that you are simultaneously promoting obesity. My short answer? No. Listen to the podcast for my long answer! Listen Now! You can leave comments over there or let me know what […]

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You Don’t Need To Cover Your Under Eye Circles

When the pictures of the girls covering up their under eye circles and parts in glitter went viral, everyone and their cat posted the pictures on my Facebook wall. This tends to happen with anything related to glitter, mermaids, confetti, balloons, etc. I don’t mind it at all, for the record. I think it’s adorable […]

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