50 Ways To Get Active After Inauguration

It’s easy to feel helpless right now. Two weeks into Trump officially stepping into office as the president, and we’ve already seen some drastic and upsetting laws go into place that are just the things we were worried about happening. We’re scared for ourselves, we’re scared for our families, we’re scared for people we’ve never […]

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How To Make Packages For The Homeless

After Trump was elected president, my friends, Ashley, Bryan, and Skye were moved to organize a drive for the homeless. They had a really great turnout and were really thorough with what they wanted to collect and I thought it was was a really great example of organizing an event for activism, so I wanted […]

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50 Songs To Protest To

Are you fueled up? Me, too. I’m fucking angry, and if you’re paying attention then you are, too. Music is a really important tool to have at all times, but especially in times of struggle and extreme emotion. I wanted to put together a playlist of songs that simultaneously fire me up to fight in […]

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Women’s March On Washington

I’m so proud to say that I marched on Washington with thousands of people on January 21st, 2017. It was the collectively the largest protest EVER. Cities all over the world came together to protest, and guess what? Not ONE arrest! On my way home, I was laying my exhausted head against the Metro car […]

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