Bucket List

+ publish a book
+ organize a workshop to teach to other people
+ yarnbomb a billboard
+ drink Absinthe
+ utilize an abandoned lot
+ go tubing
+ visit all the Roadside Attractions in Maryland (in progress)
+ visit San Francisco
ride in a hot air balloon
+ swing from a rope into a lake
+ go to a nude beach
+ be on the Jumbotron
+ visit New York City in warm weather
+ see a meteor shower
+ walk on stilts
+ send flowers to myself
+ eat vegetarian for a week
+ go parachuting
+ attend a wine tasting
+ bowl a 200+
+ stand out of a limo’s sunroof while it’s moving
+ watch all the movies Bill Murray has been in
+ build a sandcastle
+ fly first class on a plane
+ jump in a foam pit
+ ride on a motorcycle
+ go to the top of Baltimore’s tallest building
+ jump on a Velcro wall
+ make Baltimore’s Yearbook
+ drivea Zamboni
+ win a wishbone pull
bake googly eye cookies
+ get my aura photographed
+ rent a party bus
+ stand in a red phone box in England
+ send and receive mail from every continent
+ be a part of a studio audience
+ learn the “Evolution Of Dance” dance
+ go on a cruise
+ stay in a underwater hotel
+ hold a sloth
+ have a food fight
+ go on a cross country road trip
+ go on a ghost tour
+ attend the Mermaid Parade
+ go inside a lighthouse
+ do a fire walk
+ get a caricature done
+ go hang gliding
+ go on a cruise
+ move in with Joe
+ tailgate at a sporting event
+ cook a meal that doesn’t kill anyone
+ visit (at least) 2/7 Wonders Of The World
+ go on a book tour
+ meet Amy Poehler
+ be featured on The Huffington Post
+ make a popcorn garland
+ go to Las Vegas
+ go water skiing
+ learn how to make balloon animals
+ crowd surf
+ leave the country
+ feed a Venus Fly Trap
+ get to 25K on Instagram
+ ingest Poprocks and Coke
+ visit all 50 states
+ make a flower mandala
+ have a water gun fight
+ get a henna tattoo that says “forever”
+ stand through a limo sunroof
+ get leid (and laid) in Hawaii
+ climb a tree
+ release a lantern into the sky
+ swim in clear water
+ get married
+ have a spa day
+ make a successful Love Lock
+ quit my day job
+ visit the place in France from Amelie
+ perform in a burlesque show
+ fly in a helicopter
+ cross the intersection at Abbey Road
+ attend Playa Del Feugo
+ visit Banksy’s Dismaland
+ walk across Abbey Road
+ meet Caylee
+ go to Burning Man
+ have a professional photoshoot
+ go to New Orleans
+ go to an ice bar
+ ride a zip-line
+ get my fortune told
+ publish a zine
+ visit Central Park
+ be on a talk show
+ experience zero gravity
+ visit those colorful houses in South Africa
+ chug a beer
+ learn a card trick
+ do a Ted Talk
+ get to 500 Etsy sales
+ go to Wickerman
+ see Ke$ha in concert
+ see Andrew WK in concert
+ see Laura Jane Grace in concert
+ see Broad City live
+ see Amy Schumer live
+ ride a Segway
+ play hide and seek in Ikea
+ learn about the different kinds of clouds
+ go a day without communicative technology
+ write something in wet cement
+ milk a cow
+ learn to crochet
+ name a star
+ attend a red carpet event
+ get henna on my hand
+ go to Portland
+ dye my hair rainbow
+ be a bridesmaid
+ get accupuncture
+ have confetti fall on me from a ceiling
+ say yes to everything for a whole day
+ finish Sneaky Cards
+ go snorkeling
+ put red carpet lining in my shoes
+ get new curtains
+ run up the Rocky Steps
+ see the Aurora Bourealis
+ play paintball
+ explore my family lineage
+ try EFT
+ have a candlelit dinner at a fast food restaurant
+ attend a murder mystery dinner
+ be a movie/TV extra
+ play messy twister
+ flock a yard full of flamingos
+ learn to play “Hurricane” on piano
+ get my palm read by a professional
+ go to a roller derby match
+ learn how to make origami cranes
+ find 10 geocaches
+ create a live game of PacMan
+ visit a butterfly garden
+ complete an art journal
+ make glitter angels
+ go to Europe
+ watch turtles hatch and run into the ocean
+ stack rocks
+ complete Make Out List (in progress)

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