25 Ways To Celebrate Scorpio Season

Happy Scorpio Season! Oohhh, it’s about to get dark and mysterious around here. Just in time for Halloween, no doubt. Are you ready?

Remember: even if you’re shy to astrology, I think this monthly checklist series, a bucket list of sorts, can be helpful to get you to focus on different areas of your life and maintain that balance year-round. And hey– if magical cosmos are in your favor and helping you along the way, who are you to complain?

Scorpio is a water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. Scorpios are usually the most misunderstood of the bunch. They have a dark side and they aren’t afraid to show it. They’re incredibly passionate, not afraid, and authentic as possible. They’re oozing with sexyness, can seem a little off-putting to others, but are super in touch with their emotions (like other water signs). Some famous Scorpios are Ryan Reynolds and Megan Mullally.

Scorpio season is a time to dive deep into the shadows; to explore sex, death, war, mystery, and all things taboo. It’s a time to capitalize on abundance, especially financially. It’s also great for transforming yourself and your life in all sorts of ways. There are a ton of things you can do to celebrate Scorpio season, but let’s take a look at the 25 ways I came up with for you to start with!

25 Ways To Celebrate Scorpio Season | Uncustomary

25 Ways To Make The Most Of Scorpio Season

1. Make a list of ways you’re already abundant, not just financially but physically, mentally, emotionally, professionally, and uniquely.
2. Have a photoshoot to showcase your darker, alter ego. Who’s your shadow self that doesn’t get to come out to play as often?
3. Plan out your ideal celebration of your life (for your funeral) and/or write your epitaph.
4. Tell a secret you’ve been keeping to finally get it off your chest and/or let your guard down around someone you trust.
5. Raise/donate money to a charity you believe in.
6. Tap deeper into your sexuality. Take a tantric sex class, buy a new sex toy, try new positions, read books about sexuality, take a pole dancing class, buy new lingerie, make a list of your sexual fantasies, journal about your relationship to monogamy/polyamory!
7. Surround yourself with symbols of transformation and rebirth, like butterflies and phoenixes. And educate yourself about the process of their metamorphosis!
8. Take a break from social media and cultivate a feeling of intrigue among your friends and followers. Fear of missing out? More like a mystery for them to figure out because you’re out living your life in real time.
9. Explore death a little deeper. Spend time in cemeteries, have a seance to contact a dead relative, visit a museum about war. Think about your feelings/fears/connections to death.
10. Be super aware of jealousy and manipulative behavior during this time. Do your best to rise above all that bullshit and act with compassion to others (ahem, no ultimatums either!), and if you find the Green Eyed Monster coming out to play, look at it as a call to action that you need that thing in your life, not that you need to be jealous of that person who already has it. Now make a plan on how you can get it!
11. Create concrete “SMART” financial goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound)
12. Do a past life regression session to learn about your past lives, and possibly how you’ve died before. Journal about your feelings that come up with this new information.
13. Tap into your inner sleuth and do some good old fashion spying. Channel Harriet The Spy for inspiration. Also, research famous spies and read mystery books.
14. Be blunt with your advice and feelings.
15. Explore the kinkier side of sex. Take a rope bondage class, read up on BDSM, make a FetLife profile and explore different fetishes you might be interested in (then try them out).
16. Write down all your fears. If you dare, explore one or more of them in a safe space.
17. Write down and start repeating some prosperity/abundance affirmations.
18. Embrace being obsessive for a bit, it’s okay. Dive deep into your passions and allow yourself to become completely engulfed.
19. Watch your temper, you might be more likely to snap while emotions are rising to the surface, but that doesn’t mean you should ideally take it out on other people.
20. Detox with something you want to cleanse yourself of. Alcohol, substances, social media, clutter, people? Pick your poison.
21. Investigate something that feels a little woo-woo/paranormal/taboo/weird, but you have a nagging interest in.
22. Mend something you were going to give up on/get rid of and instead give it a new life by transforming it.
23. Exfoliate your skin, there’s new skin underneath waiting to come out and shine.
24. See a psychic, get your Tarot cards read, and/or have a palm reading.
25. Hydrate like crazy. Water, water, water. Drink up, babes!

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How will you celebrate Scorpio season?

Photos: Maura Housley