20 Things To Do Before Summer Ends

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of people say things about summer being over. Guess what, though? It’s not! Just because the kids go back to school doesn’t mean we can’t have a picnic or jump on a trampoline. In the US, Autumn doesn’t start until September 22nd. If you’re sad about summer ending, don’t be! We still have a few weeks.

I wanted to make a list of things that are really fun to do in the summer (that you can still do in September)! It’s good to keep activities in mind.

1) Throw a water balloon

2) Blow bubbles

3) Play with sidewalk chalk

4) Go to a festival

5) Hula hoop

6) Make art outside

7) Play in a sprinkler

8) Swing

9) Swim (bonus points if it’s at night)

10) Ride a Ferris Wheel

11) Eat a snowball
12) Watch lightning bugs
13) Collect seashells
14) Get your face painted
15) See a drive-in movie
16) Build a sandcastle
17) Buy something from an ice cream truck
18) Drive with the windows down and the music up
19) Explore a boardwalk
20) Pick some flowers

Can you think of other fun things to do in the summer?